Human Resources/Work Life with us

Work Life with us

At the Baldota Group, we believe a well-engaged workforce is the key driver to achieve business goals and make operations more sustainable. As an organisation, we aim at unifying our workforce under an umbrella “BALDOTA FAMILY” with a common ‘charge’ and energising culture, dramatically enhancing employee engagement and bring in operational architecture changes to enable the new culture of Accountability, Customer Focus, Excellence and Speed.

The various initiatives undertaken with an objective of improving the way our employees feel by bringing a sense of belongingness.

Baldota Ladies Club & Children Club:-

Employees’ spouses and children are the members of this club respectively. Members of the Ladies Club are actively involved in Women Empowerment activities in surrounding villages and enjoy learning while teaching others as well.

The women employees of the Baldota Group
Our talented women employees


Stay Fit Team :-

We also have a Stay Fit Club with certified trainers who always work towards the fitness of our employees and organising various events/programs for team members so that their energy level is very high throughout. We have indoor and outdoor playing facilities to keep you rejuvenated and refreshed all the time.