Human Resources/Life at the Baldota Group

Life at the Baldota Group

The strength of the Baldota group lies in its diversity, talented employees and their commitment to the achievement of business goals. Employees with innovative and creative ideas form the major intellectual capital for us.

At Baldota, we believe in working with a sense of certainty of a successful career that will be driven by boundless growth opportunities and exposure to diversified environment and learning possibilities.

We respect achievements and overall potential. A professional approach, commitment towards work, proactive behavior and motivation for further professional development are the main characteristics of all our employees and the greatest contributors to our success. “Team” is the key word for the Baldota group. Our excellence and outstanding business results are attributed to team work and a high level of cooperation among our employees

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The employees of the Baldota Group

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Employees with their families

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Activities for the children

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Awareness Program organised by the children