Human Resources/Learning & Development

Learning & Development

Learning is to provide knowledge and skills required to perform the job effectively. Employee development is to prepare employees for future positions and upgrade general skills for personal growth and specific skills to perform job effectively.

We seek high-potential employees at every level and provide them with the support and tools they need to develop into our future team of skilled operators and business leaders. Our employees undergo a number of technical trainings every year to keep themselves abreast of the latest trends in the industry. Employees also undergo soft skills trainings, by internal and external faculty, to enhance their leadership and interpersonal skills for the roles they fulfil.

We impart training to new hires to understand the organisational goals, objectives and departmental functions about products. We also impart training for promotion, transfer, new technology & re-alignment and correct the performance deficiencies of the existing employees.

Training requirements are identified based on organisational needs, job role requirements and personal development. Self-Assessed Training needs to exist when there is a gap between what you can do now and what you need to be able to do. The reporting managers are asked to identify the business goals for the respective departments. He is then required to identify the deficiencies and skill requirements of the employee. The Self Assessment is premised on the assumption that you know best what you are good and bad at. Therefore, you are in the best position to judge and identify your own training and development needs.

We conduct training programs in a variety of ways such as

On-site training:-

  • On the Job Training
  • Apprentice Training
  • Coaching/mentoring
  • Job Rotation

Off- Site Training:-

  • Lectures/Seminars
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Programmed/Computer Assisted instruction
  • Simulation
  • Role Playing
  • Behaviour Modeling

This is designed to help you assess your role and the skills required to carry out your work efficiently. Grow with the growth of the Baldota group of companies.

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