Company Overview / Environmental Care

Environment and Climate change

Environmental management systems form the backbone of our commitment towards improving our ecological footprint. Our mines division is certified for ISO 14001: 2004 environmental management systems. We have driven several initiatives that are aimed at improving the environmental footprint of our activities.

Some of the major initiatives include:

  • Afforestation with the use of advanced biotechnological methods that are aimed at transforming the harsh mining terrain into forest areas, with proper post-plantation care to ensure the self-sustenance of the flora.
  • Terracing of waste dumps into benches in order to fully stabilize them.
  • Construction of a series of gully plugs and check-bunds to control soil erosion, to collect run-off from the mines as well as dump area. These plugs and bunds ensure that the entire run-off is contained within our lease area and only clear water is allowed to be discharged.
  • Dump yard stabilisation by using ‘Coco Soil Erosion Control Blanket’.
  • Recycling of water used for beneficiation with thickeners and ponds, thus ensuring zero liquid waste effluents.
  • Use of Tamrock Pantera 800 drill for zero pollution drilling activities.
  • Regular ambient air monitoring in the mining area.
  • Regular noise monitoring in the mining area.