Company Overview / CSR

Baldota Foundation

The Abheraj Baldota Foundation was established in the year 1976 after our founder Chairman Shri Abheraj
Hirachand Baldota. The Business & Community Foundation was registered under the Societies Act of 1860 on
July 1998. BCF has its origin with International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) of the UK , a nonprofit entity.
Both organisations are independent of each other and cooperate as required through an MOU.

Late Mr.Abheraj Baldota was known for his business skills,humanitarian nature and his active involvement in
social work. The Foundation is a registered Charitable Trust, through which we route our contributions to social
welfare. We have provided health care facilities and assistance towards health care, financial support to poor
families and developed education centers for the less privileged children. The Foundation since its
commencement has been instrumental in our social commitments and contributions. The Baldota foundation
partners with 14 grass root projects across 8 states of India addressing some important issues such as
homelessness, education, health, disability, farm widows in Vidarbha , mentally challenged, tribal, infant and
maternal mortality and vocational training.


The Baldota Foundation has a very clear mission statement which is to promote awareness and practice of
responsible citizenship, where people have access and control over resources to make informed choices and
decisions in a fairer society.


The strategy that Baldota focuses on revolves around the activation of core competence and resource of
business, academic, civil society, multi and bilateral institutions and the government. Their emphasis lies
around facilitating their working partners to develop projects that benefit the marginalised and less fortunate