Company Overview / MSPL Gases


MSPL Gases Limited was founded by the Baldota Group, under the able leadership of Late Abheraj H Baldota, in 1983, with a focused attention on the Mining and Steel Industry.


The company started with a 140 cum/hour Liquid Oxygen Plant at Hosahalli. We have developed innovative explosives, under the brand name VILOX, to provide to the mining industry a safe and environment-friendly explosives.


We have installed innovative air separation plant with a capacity ranging from 8 to 50 tonnes/day, which produces oxygen, nitrogen and medical oxygen simultaneously. These plant uses state-of-the-art technology to produce gases at very low power consumption, while maintaining high quality standards.


Strengthening our reach in supply of medical and industrial oxygen, nitrogen gas, argon gas, co2 gas. Dissolved acetylene gas and Argo co2 mixture gases to the ultimate users. MSPL Gases Ltd. has set up 19 Company owned sales depots in various parts of south India.


MSPL GASES LTD has made a breakthrough in the onsite plant business segment by commissioning a 50 tons per day Air Separation Plant on BOO basis to the Steel Authority of India Ltd within 12 months from the date of Letter of Acceptance which is a remarkable achievement. The company further made a milestone by commissioning one more 20 tonnes per day air separation plant on BOOT basis to Indian railways within 9 months from the date of letter of acceptance. MSPL also installed 20 tonnes per day nitrogen plant to MSPL Limited for their iron ore pellet making process. We received our first payment from RWF and are all set to continue production.