Company Overview / Good Earth Chemicals


Good Earth Chemicals Pvt Ltd., was formed under the Baldota group on 23rd February 2006, with an objective to find environmental solutions for water, air and fuel. The company comprises a fully fledged R&D laboratory with experienced and distinguished scientists, from various industries, on the technical panel and established full fledged R&D facility and innovated the following chemicals.

  • Poly sulpha sponge for removal of Odour from Wastewater
  • Sulpha sponge for removal of Odour from the solid waste
  • PSS technology for Wastewater treatment plants

Mission and Vision Statement:

“The Good Earth Chemicals Pvt Ltd. is committed to support the society with its innovative solutions to treat Wastewater and solid waste for removal of ODOUR.

Products and Services

1) Domestic sewage water treatment solutions
2) Industrial wastewater treatment solutions
3) Solid waste management for removal of ODOUR.
4) H2S removal from methane gas.
5) Sewage water treatment plants on turnkey basis.
6) Water treatment plants on turnkey basis