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The Iron and Steel sector has been looking at alternative methods to utilise the low grade iron ore fines for iron making so that there is optimal utilisation of the available iron ore resources. The growth of the Steel Industry over the years, especially in China, despite the depletion of high grade Iron Ore, has taken place on the strength of technologies such as Beneficiation, Sintering and Pelletisation. These technologies enhance the productivity of the blast furnaces in Steel making and hence, lower the cost of steel production.

The Indian steel industry which predominantly uses expensive lump ore is gradually moving towards usage of sintered ore and pellets.We have forayed into pellets, with a modest start of 1.2 million tonnes per annum pellet plant near Hosapete. We cater to the requirements of sponge Iron manufacturers in South India, by providing customers premium quality pellets which will yield higher metallised Sponge Iron with reduced production costs.

MSPL Limited have used proven new process flow and advanced Grate Kiln technology of pelletising plant with economic index reasonable to ensure stable and reliable process technology.

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