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Unearthing for Tomorrow

There is nothing in this world which is not made out of rocks. This is true from the Stone Age to the present Silicon Age. Mining provides the raw materials and energy resources needed to sustain modern civilisation. On an average, an individual in a developed nation requires approximately 18,150 kgs of mineral products each year. Therefore, scientific and sustainable mining and processing of minerals is vital to a nation’s economy and to a better quality of life.

Mining is a core activity at Baldota, and we strive to integrate economic activities with environment- friendly practices to nurture sustainable development.

We have been in the mining business for more than five decades, practising a mechanised open cast method of mining. We have always been open to change and have upgraded to modern principles and techniques to compete in the international market. While growing our mining business at a fast pace with undaunted focus on consistency and quality, we also look to expand our horizons and venture into new territories, while contributing to the sustainable development of our surroundings.

The Baldota Group of companies has 3 working mines out of 8 leases granted.

Iron Ore Leases

  1. Vyasanakere IOM (Hosapete, Karnataka)
  2. Iyli Gurunath IOM (Sandur, Karnataka)
  3. Pathikonda IOM (Sandur, Karnataka)
  4. Karadikolla IOM (Sandur, Karnataka)
  5. Swamimale IOM (Sandur, Karnataka)
  6. Alampara IOM (Kozhikode, Kerala)
  7. Nadavallur IOM (Kozhikode, Kerala)
  8. Cheruppa IOM (Kozhikode, Kerala)

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Gold Mine Lease

  1. Sangli Gold Mine (Gadag, Karnataka)

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