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Research & Development


Our Research and Development encompasses both our Iron Ore business and our wind business. Our dedicated R&D team is one of our biggest assets, with expertise in engineering, ore dressing engineering, geology and metallurgy.

Our Research and Development lab boasts various facilities, including equipment for testing of Iron Ore and other elements, as well as for research on the use of iron and other minerals for purposes other than steel. Our laboratory has grinding and crushing equipment for the preparation of samples for testing.

Research and development in our Iron Ore business includes efforts to increase the efficiency and to reduce the environmental impact of our mining. Through our research, we also aim to find alternative uses for non-iron ore minerals extracted with Iron Ore, as part of our Zero-Waste Management initiative.

Our R&D laboratory is recognised by the Department of Environmental Sciences, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad.

The Path Ahead

Our focus has been on waste minimisation, by converting low grade iron ore to high value products, increasing production, zero incidents, decreasing fuel and power consumption, thereby minimising the impact on the environment.

We are constantly working towards Zero-Waste Management in all mining and processing operations. We have put systems in place to maximise the recovery of the minerals available, through systematic mining, processing and stocking of minerals.

The R&D team has been highly successful in achieving its goal with the development of diverse products like Haematite Powder for usage in the oil well drilling industry, and Sulpha Sponge, the most effective H 2S scavenging agent for oil exploration, leather industries and refineries. Sulpha Sponge has been patented with the ‘Register of European Patent’. We are also rapidly expanding our product portfolio and may shortly introduce pigments for usage in the paint industry and ferrite for usage in the electronic industry.

Comprehensive research on BHQ (Banded Hematite Quartzite) – a low grade iron ore with 35 to 37%

Fe – is also being carried out to identify and establish beneficiation techniques. To re-establish the results, further tests are being conducted on semi commercial plants.

As per results carried out by international laboratories, it has been confirmed that BHQ is amenable to beneficiation. We have therefore, taken a decision to establish a BHQ Beneficiation plant in the near future.