Business Areas / Exploration


The art of mineral exploration involves integrated geological mapping, structural interpretation, remote sensing, geo-chemical and geophysical surveys to identify and target the potential mineral deposits.


With our own deep diamond drilling machines, geophysical instruments, Niton X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyser, Polarisation Microscope Leica DM2500-P & exploration/mining software, we identify new locales of exploration. We established a core library for storing drilled core samples at Gadag. We are installing 1000 tonnes per day metallurgical plant for gold at Gadag and will be the first private company to produce one tonne of pure gold annually.

A close space drilling and deposit modelling defines a three dimensional configuration of deposit to be evaluated for its economic viability, metallurgy and feasibility before mining. With our dedicated team of exploration geologists, a new rare earth deposit has been discovered in the state of Rajasthan, where detailed exploration is under progress. Two of our geologists received National Geosciences Award – 2012 from Ministry of Mines, Government of India, for this discovery.

Besides rare earths we are also exploring gold, iron ores, banded iron formations (BIF’s) and diamond in various parts of the country.