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Exploration Projects

The Baldota Group of Companies believes in staying a step ahead. We invest in research studies all across India in the quest for locating new mineral reserves.

With technologies ranging from rock-sample collection and subsoil drilling to satellite image analysis, our team of geologists and engineers are at the forefront of this endeavour.

Our experts say that “we don’t always discover deposits full of high-value minerals. Most of the time, many years of study are required until we discover reserves, which can generate value for our company.”

Successful exploration relies on efficient project management based on effective application and interpretation of geology, geochemistry and geophysics to generate and test exploration targets.

Our core exploration management activities revolve around

    • Drilling

Baldota Exploration Project - Core Drilling

    • Core logging and cutting
    • Geotechnical monitoring
Baldota Exploration Project - Geophysicist
Baldota Exploration Project - Geologists
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Testing, validating and reporting